Huge Haven Update from Thursday’s Meeting

REMINDER:  Come celebrate Haven this Sunday night at 8:00 in Demaray 150!  The leaders will give us an update and discuss moving forward!

From Caleb Richmond, Haven Leader:

As promised, here are further details about yesterday and our thoughts on the decisions.


As you saw in his email earlier this week, Dr Les Steele called a meeting of the Human Sexuality Advisory Group (HSAG) and invited all of the Haven leaders to attend. At this meeting last night, which he presided over, he gave us outlines for how Haven will be treated in the future. This occured almost 1 month to the day after our meeting with Dr Jordan. </span>


The sheet of paper was titled “Moving Forward with Haven and Conversations Regarding Human Sexuality.” and started out with the following:


“Our goal is to respond to the need of our students to have “safe space” for conversations regarding human sexuality including sexual orientation. Haven has been one such space among others. Here is our proposal for a way forward:


– Haven becomes a formal group with full rights to reserve space and advertise on campus.

– Human Sexuality co-curricular programming (e.g., Let’s Talk About Sex, Haven, and Naked) is under the auspices of the Human Sexuality Advisory Group (HSAG).

– Student leaders do not need to personally agree to the Human Sexuality Statement, but must agree to respect the statement as the University’s position.

– While HSAG is responsible to advise on the totality of human sexuality programming, we ask them to focus on assisting Haven to become a safe space for the discussion of sexual orientation. We also ask HSAG to help us keep alive other safe spaces for all aspects of human sexuality.”


After going through these points, he turned the meeting over to discussion and clarifying questions.


The advisory group is made up of staff members from The Office of Student Life and selected faculty members currently; the exact composition may change in the future. We spent a long time discussing how this would play out in practical situations such as approval of week to week meetings. They indicated that they do not want to be an approval group but rather a resource and advising group. It sounds like Haven will probably provide general quarterly event plans for discussion and advisement to the group but that there is going to be room for flexibility. It is also clear that this group does not exist just for Haven but as a comprehensive umbrella for coordinating the campus discussion on sexuality, including sexual identity conversations and heterosexual sexual practices and behaviors.


This is a very big move for the University administration. Les is basically handing over the reigns completely to HSAG and washing his hands of this. He offered an apology of sorts for any confusion of motives and for causing people to feel silenced. He said he has been trying to work to please multiple constituencies but he has heard the voice of Haven. He also said that he wants to move forward with trust and respect with Haven.


In that light, Haven wants to show the same trust and respect for the University. We hope we can move forward from the past confusions and misunderstandings. The HSAG board really does seem to have the best interests of the student body in mind. There will be alot of work in the following weeks done to solidfy exactly what this will look like. Haven representatives and our advisor, Dr Neuhouser, will be a large part of this group and we will be able to work out the details.


In many ways, this is further than Haven has ever come with the University. We are now a formally recognized group and we have not only the right to reserve rooms (hopefully without month-to-month uncertainty) but advertising rights on campus which has been a major battle for the last 4 years. This is definitely the result of the enormous outcry from the student body, the support from the faculty and staff, the constant alumni efforts for the last month, and the community disapproval of last months’ decision.


What we do not have in this agreement is club status. At SPU, a club is a formally organized student group that has approval and funding from the student government (ASSP). We are not terribly concerned about the funding aspect but there is a lot of symbolism involved in being approved by our peers and by going through the official steps that are supposed to happen. We do not want the precedence of this “special” treatment of Haven to allow for this to happen in the future. Club status is still our long term goal. However, there are other formal groups on campus that are not clubs so this is not totally unprecedented.


What we need to determine is if we should press for club status now or work towards it slowly. This is a big move for the University and we do not want to downplay that. However, this argument for the last 4 years has always been about club status and equal recognition. If Haven is “seperate but equal” it implies that there is something about sexuality that is “different” or more dangerous than other topics. We also do not want to lose the momentum we have gained in the last month. However, we also think that we need to respect this group and the University. We think this group has the ability to work with us towards club status in the future and it was discussed in the meeting. We will be bringing it up for discussion in this Sunday’s meeting.


The signs that things truly are changing are already present. We have reserved one of the largest rooms on campus, Demaray 150, for our meeting on Sunday night, 8-10 pm. This is open to all our members, supporters, alumni, faculty and community members. We are already expecting 200 people. This room reservation allows us to get closer to holding this capacity and represents the fulfilment of our fight the last month.


Thank you everyone for following this situation, especially if you have expressed your views to SPU.


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SPU’s Amazing Faculty Responds!

Here is a copy of an open letter to all alumni and current students from the concerned and supportive faculty.  We applaud them for their honesty, commitment to each students’ well being, and public acknowledgment that SPU MUST be safe for everyone.


Current students have raised their voices in opposition to injustice.  Hundreds and hundreds of alumni  have sent in letters and signed petitions.  Faculty across every discipline stand in solidarity and speak out for students silenced by alienation and abuse.  The administration cannot ignore that the SPU community is ready for Haven.  We need this vital group.


Still no response from our school’s leaders concerning our request for an open forum.  We hope they choose to engage the alumni community instead of further alienating us.


(This is a partial list of signers as of Feb. 21 — a complete list will be published in the next issue of The Falcon in a full-page advertisement.)

Published: February 23, 2011

To our students, present and former:

The recent events concerning Haven’s status prompt us to redouble our commitment to express our deep, abiding love and care for each and every precious one of you — with whatever cares, concerns or questions you have as you come into our classes, offices, labs, performance halls and library carrels.

As faculty, we are proud to be the voices of SPU’s ecumenical spirit. We come from diverse perspectives on issues of sexuality, but we all share a common pastoral concern for the safety of your heart, your mind, your body and your spirit. You are the reason we have been called to Seattle Pacific University. We have a deep sense of responsibility toward your genuine growth as unique human beings of inestimable worth. Sometimes, these encounters change you and us forever, for the better. Sometimes, we fail to meet our own standards. Forgive us for our lapses of this duty to you.

We commit ourselves anew to make a safe place for you to live, learn and grow. And we take heart, like Paul, that nothing — nothing unwise we say, nothing shortsighted we do, nothing unthinking we do — will be able to separate each of you from God’s love that is in Jesus Christ.

We share your hope for a rich and gracious dialogue on issues of human sexuality that trouble the church and that have too often been neglectful of the minority voices among us. Therefore, as faculty, we commit to partnering with you to promote those conversations on SPU’s campus.


Christine Chaney, English

Stamatis Vokos, Physics

Priscilla Pope-Levison, Theology

Kevin Neuhouser, Sociology

Gaile Moe, Family and Consumer Sciences

Jeff Keuss, Theology

William Purcell, Communication and Journalism

Jennifer McKinney, Sociology

Michael Hamilton, History

Kerry Dearborn, Theology

Lane Seeley, Physics

Tina Schermer Sellers, Marriage and Family Therapy

Patrick McDonald, Philosophy

Jack Levison, Theology

Robbin O’Leary, Mathematics

Kathy Stetz, Nursing

Andrew Ryder, Theatre

Greg Fritzberg, Education

Ben McFarland, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Sharleen Kato, Family and Consumer Sciences

Luke Reinsma, English

Don Holsinger, History

Susan VanZanten, English

Sharon Young, Mathematics Education

Christopher Sink, Counselor Education

Shannon Scott, Communication and Journalism

Eric Hanson, Music

Rod Stiling, History

Sara Koenig, Theology

Don Yanik, Theatre

David Diekema, Sociology

Ruth Ediger, Political Science and Geography

Michael Roe, Psychology

Kevin Bartlett, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Elaine Scott, Engineering

Eleanor Close, Physics and Science Education

Sandra C. Hartje, Family and Consumer Sciences

Carlene J. Brown, Music

Jennifer Maier, English

Laura Lasworth, Art

George A. Scranton, Theatre

Brian Chin, Music

Doug Thorpe, English

Owen Ewald, Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics

Kimberly Segall, English

Elaine Weltz, Computing Sciences

April Middeljans, English

Tom Trzyna, English

Denise Daniels, School of Business and Economics

Roger Feldman, Art

Margaret Diddams, Center for Scholarship and Faculty Development

David Nienhuis, Theology

Dana Kendall, Psychology

David Stewart, Clinical Psychology

Don Peter, Engineering

Amy Mezulis, Clinical Psychology

Ed Smyth, Educational Ministry

Kathy Fitzsimmons, Nursing

Gary Fick, Library

Cindy Strong, Library

Baine Craft, Psychology

Rick Jackson, Communication and Journalism

Liz Gruchala-Gilbert, Library

Scott Beers, Education

Frank Kline, Education

Thane Erickson, Psychology

Tracy Williams, Education

Evette Hackman, Emerita Family and Consumer Sciences

Timothy A. Nelson, Biology

Doug Strong, Theology

Lorelle Jabs, Communication and Journalism

Cindy Fitch, Biology and Pre-Health Advising

Ursula Krentz, Psychology

David Leong, Theology

Stephen Michael Newby, Music

Sharon Hartnett, Education

Melani Plett, Engineering

Raedene Copeland, Family and Consumer Sciences

Rebekah Rice, Philosophy

Bob Drovdahl, Educational Ministry

JoAnn Atwell-Scrivner, Physical Education and Exercise Science

Karen Snedker, Sociology

Ross Stewart, School of Business and Economics

Phil Prins, Computing Sciences

Al Erisman, School of Business and Economics

Jim Rand, School of Business and Economics

Randy Franz, School of Business and Economics

Rick Eigenbrood, School of Education

Heidi Monroe, Nursing

Bryce Nelson, Library

Janet Bester-Meredith, Biology

Steve Johnson, Mathematics

Daniela Geleva, Family and Consumer Sciences

Don Summers, School of Business and Economics

Steve Layman, Philosophy

Wayne Johnson, Music

Lynette Bikos, Clinical Psychology

Don MacDonald, Marriage and Family Therapy

Bryce Nelson, Library

Lyle Peter, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Jon Deming, School of Business and Economics

Mike Langford, Theology

Charlotte Pratt, Biology

Michelle Beauclair, Languages, Cultures and Linguistics

Rainer Seitz, School of Business and Economics

Karisa Pierce, Chemistry and Biochemistry


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Attention All Alumni!

Update: Current Haven leaders have been invited by the administration to the “Sexuality Advisory Board” meeting this Thursday.  SPU Haven is on the agenda!  We’ll keep you posted on that meeting.

Meanwhile:  The organizers of this blog met last night to discuss moving forward.  We reflected on the responses to staff from Dr. Eaton and Dr. Steele (see the posts below).  We drafted a letter requesting an alumni forum.  Here’s the email that went out to our email list:

Dear Concerned Alumni,

We have been made aware of the responses distributed via listserv to current SPU faculty and staff regarding the club status of Haven and SPU’s Statement on Human Sexuality. After a thorough review of the responses offered by President Eaton, Vice President Steele, and Associate Vice President Jordan we have requested an open forum to allow alumni to communicate directly with the three of them and address questions raised in the past weeks.

In the spirit of reconciliation, we would like to engage as a community by creating a space for discussion and direct dialogue regarding these issues. The treatment of Haven has a direct effect on our decisions to make financial donations to SPU and to recommend SPU to prospective students. We hope they will agree to hold an open forum to clarify their perspectives on Haven and SPU’s Statement on Human Sexuality and to allow alumni to voice our opinions directly to them.

As concerned alumni, we have respectfully requested the following from SPU:

  • An open forum including the attendance of President Eaton, Vice President Steele, and Associate Vice President Jordan to be held before the end of March 2011.
  • A space provided by SPU with the capacity to hold at least 200 persons for the proposed purpose.
  • Written notice of the proposed forum provided at least one week in advance.

If you have not already done so, we would strongly encourage you to make the cost of your support clear to SPU by sending them a letter or email outlining the support (financial and otherwise) you would like to make toward SPU and the reasons why you will not be supporting the University in that way. If you have the ability to make a financial donation to SPU, we encourage you to estimate the yearly amount of this donation and include it in your letter to show them what is being lost each year they do not award club status to Haven. If there are prospective students in your life that you would encourage to attend SPU, we ask you to reevaluate your endorsement of the University in light of the recent treatment of Haven and to make this consequence known to those subjugating Haven.

As members of SPU’s alumni community, we look forward to discovering ways in which we can remain involved with the University in a way that honors our convictions regarding Haven and the importance it holds for the SPU community. We look forward to the positive reply of the aforementioned members of SPU administration and will keep you updated with any formal response we receive from them. Please continue to copy our email address  ( when sending any letters to SPU administration if you like them to be published on the Haven Alumni Support Blog. We are proud to represent the 200+ members of SPU alumni making their voices heard regarding Haven and welcome your comments and suggestions at any time throughout this process.

Show your support for Haven by attending the Haven meeting on campus in Weter Hall at 8 PM this Sunday, February 27th and join the Facebook group by searching for “SPU Haven.”  Get yourself and your friends on our email list!  Help spread the word.  Thank you!


Kayla Beckman

BrittaLisa Gess

Jennifer Gist

Grant Rehnberg

Kelsey Ryland

Abigail Stahl

Jessica Vehorn

Emily Warr

Rachel Willey

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Dr. Steele’s Response

Here’s what Vice President Steele communicated to the faculty and staff yesterday:


Dear all:

President Eaton has asked that I write to share with you the reason the student group Haven was asked to no longer meet on campus. Before I do so please let me share my heart. We all love and care for our students and see each and every one as precious in His sight. We all share in the deep trust given to us to come along side our students to educate the whole student. This is our vocation. Where we have failed to do so, we all ask forgiveness.


I ask your forgiveness. I know there are some of you who feel angry and confused and I am sorry if I have contributed to this confusion. I know only too well how it is sometimes hard to understand administrative decisions and apologize for adding to that confusion.


I want to express my deep appreciation for Jeff Jordan and all of the Student Life staff who come alongside our students day in and day out and night in and night out. They are living with these wonderful students in ways that astound me.


Let me share here the reason for the decision. You may disagree with the decision and I respect that disagreement. My hope is that none of us make arbitrary decisions but do so on principle. This is a key part of how we educate our students beyond the classroom and in the classroom.


The decision was made that after four years of working with various students representing Haven that we could no longer do so due to the continuing inability of the group to abide by guidelines (similar to the expectations of all student organizations) that gave them space on campus for the last four years. We met with last year’s student leaders and advisor, Dr. Kevin Neuhouser, and believed the concerns for the guidelines were understood and we had good conversation and cooperation regarding weekly meetings and programs (e.g. The Day of Silence). However, as this year progressed it was apparent it was not working. The three guidelines, (1) request space through Dr. Jordan, (2) keep him regularly informed of programs and events , and (3) develop a statement of purpose in light of SPU’s Statement on Human Sexuality (was asked for in early October and was received the second week of January) were not being followed. This was a policy decision. We knew there would be confusion regarding the decision but believed the effort to have members of a community agree on basic guidelines was an important teachable moment.


Further, as we spoke with the students last year, we thanked them for their commitment to find “safe space” for meetings to discuss difficult questions regarding human sexuality. They, along with other students and faculty and staff, made us aware of the need to be more intentional with our efforts in human sexuality education. We then organized a “Human Sexuality Advisory Group” to help guide the way on such efforts. The group is comprised of faculty, staff and students. Haven student leadership and Dr. Neuhouser accepted invitations to serve on this group and have done so since last spring.


I am asking that this group meet with Dr. Jordan, the Haven student leaders (not already on the advisory group) and me. I hope to do this as soon as possible. Our goal will be to have a conversation to find a way forward in regard to Haven. We will be asking the Advisory Group to help lead the way. We will ask them to move us forward as we seek to find safe and open space for conversation regarding all of human sexuality. We understand that Haven is not the only such space needed and will seek other venues.


It is our hope that we will soon have some clarity about how the Human Sexuality Advisory Group believes it best to move ahead with human sexuality education in our co-curriculum and in particular to create “safe space” for all such conversations but in particular for those who see themselves as marginalized.






Les Steele, PhD

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Seattle Pacific University

Phone: (206) 281-2125



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Our Current Discussions

Here’s what Dr. Eaton is communicating to the staff:

Dear SPU colleagues and friends,

It is Saturday morning early as I begin this note (I’m actually in the Bay Area as I finish), my time for reflection and regrouping. I am sorry this is the first moment in a very busy week I’ve had time to collect myself on the current issues around club status and human sexuality and care for our students.

But let me offer here some suggestions and principles that might guide us as we move forward.

1.      I assure you I have been reading and listening and reflecting on all of this. I have been talking and listening to faculty and Vice Presidents and trustees. I received some thoughtful and articulate letters from a number of recent alums, to which I am responding. I look forward to the chance to talk further with our students at the appropriate time, as I have done in the past.

My question always comes around to this: How can we model, in all we do, genuine Christian community? Here’s the other question we must ask: How we can help guide our students toward a life that is full and healthy and meaningful, help them discover what is right and good, help them affirm the ancient Christian teaching on all matters of life?

And so I share what follows in the spirit of these aspirations.

2.      We need at this moment to address very clearly and openly the issue of club status. I have asked Vice President Les Steele and Associate Vice President Jeff Jordan to communicate directly the reasons for their decisions. There is a lot of misinformation floating around, and we need to clear things up about what happened and why.

I have also asked them to outline and communicate specific next steps as they work closely with the students and others to get clarity about where we go from here. I will be involved in that discussion.

Let me also commend Les and Jeff for endless hours of work with our students over years on this matter. Their hearts and minds and efforts are absolutely in the right place. We owe them our thanks.

3.      We have some differences on these issues, not only on our campus, but surely within our messy and often divided society. Strong communities are always open to differences and are willing to engage those differences meaningfully and together. We should guard against closed or clogged channels. We should seek to respect each other. We should always seek to focus our attention on our students with love and genuine concern for their well being. We should always be willing to tackle the important, even contested issues of our day. That’s what engaging the culture is all about, and we go about that work without fear or hesitation.

4.      Let us think hard in this moment about the Christian view of human flourishing that animates the center of our lives and our university. We want the best for our students. Let us love our students even as we affirm our deepest convictions.

We find ourselves these days always asking this question: Where do we turn for guidance about human flourishing when all stories of what is true and good and beautiful are called into question by our postmodern, post-Christian culture? How do we embrace the Christian story when the truth and goodness of our story is decidedly contested by our culture?

Here is my deepest conviction on these questions: We turn to the Christian Scriptures and to the teaching of the Christian church throughout the centuries. As a Christian university, and as Christian individuals, this is our foundation, our deepest and profound resource, our guide. We focus intensely on our holy text. This is the authoritative source that must guide us as we move forward.

As we turn to these teachings, we begin at the beginning: Everyone is created in the image of God. Everyone is formed with human dignity. God loves all of his children.

And then we say, in our brokenness, we lean on the grace of God’s transforming power through Jesus Christ. We become new creatures, even so in transformation, but all of us still on our way.

But then, what happens “after we believe,” as N. T. Wright phrases it? Well, we begin the hard work of “putting on,” in Paul’s familiar words, the “garments that suit God’s chosen and beloved people: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, patience,” tolerance and forgiveness, and of course “to bind everything and complete the whole, there must be love.” All of this is part of the discipline of our lives as Christians, the discipline that contributes to the formation of communities of grace and love.

But then Paul ventures into what is sometimes the tough part: He tells us we must “put off” some things that are harmful for us, destructive to our communities of faith, hurtful to our world. We don’t like boundaries to our freedom, especially in our time, but our faith tradition calls on us to consider the need for certain boundaries, not just in the area of our sexuality, but in all sorts of areas of human experience.

In the end God wants for all of his children lives that are flourishing, and it is our task, “after we believe,” to seek and model and teach our way toward human flourishing. What the disciples discovered in Jesus, says Wright, was “a way of being human which nobody had ever imagined before. This was a way of generosity and forgiveness, a way of self-emptying and a determination to put everyone else’s needs first. . . .” It was the way of “humility, charity, patience, and chastity,” something unthinkable as virtues to the ancient Greeks.

We seek this remarkable “way of being human, ” the one we discover in Jesus, the one communicated to us through holy Scriptures, the one we grapple with in the teachings of the Christian church throughout the centuries.

We want this new way for our students and for each of our lives and for our community at SPU.

5.      Finally, I don’t want to be vague on the whole topic of human sexuality. We’ve got to continue to sort things out. We don’t want to dodge the specifics in some fog of abstraction. We have a statement on human sexuality we have worked on over many years, seeking to be clear, seeking to be nuanced. We lift up that statement, not as holy text, but as something that can encourage our wrestling with these issues.

This is a time when our culture has made some decisive moves on these things, shifting quite dramatically even over the last five years, and we ask now, as a Christian community, how we might affirm where we stand as Christians as we engage that culture, how we might lovingly communicate the ancient tradition we represent?

My great hope is that we can do all of this with humility and in the spirit of grace and love to which we are called. No one has a corner on compassion and righteousness. We are all in this together. My hope is that we can learn better all the time how to treat our students lovingly even as we affirm some things we believe to be true and good and beautiful.

God bless each one of you. May God bless our students. May God bless our community as we seek to be faithful and obedient to God’s call on this place, for this time, even on these very issues.


Philip W. Eaton, President
Seattle Pacific University
(206) 281 2114

Seattle Pacific University
Engaging the Culture, Changing the World

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A Message from an SPU parent:

Kathy Rehnberg:   We just got a call from a student participating in the SPU phon-a-thon to raise funds for the university. We told her we appreciate her as an SPU student and that we are the proud parents of a SPU graduate but that we would not be financially supporting SPU until SPU recognizes Haven as a group and has respect for gay rights.

This is a powerful message to the university.  They rely on alumni and family support, support that has greatly diminished due to their unfair treatment of Haven.  How many more people will the administration alienate in the name of exclusion?

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Below you’ll find the petition sent to the administration on Wednesday, February 16, 2011.

We’re continually updating the petition with more and more names!  Email to get on this list.

Still no word from our school’s leaders!  We’ll keep you posted.

Photo Credit: SPU

Photo Credit: SPU

Photo Credit: SPU

Dear President Eaton, Vice President Steele and Associate Vice President Jordan:

We are writing to you today to express our deep disappointment in your recent decision to end the ongoing conversation between Seattle Pacific University and the student group Haven. We believe that this decision fundamentally conflicts with SPU’s mission statement which states that “Seattle Pacific University seeks to be a premier Christian University fully committed to engaging the culture and changing the world by graduating people of competence and character, becoming people of wisdom, and modeling grace-filled community.”

We demand that SPU offer Haven official club status and award it all the rights and responsibilities of other formally-recognized student clubs within the University. We are not asking merely for “special privileges” that give Haven the opportunity to meet in common areas on campus, but rather that Haven be allowed to enjoy full club status. We believe that Haven has demonstrated a commitment to refrain from asking SPU to change its stance on homosexuality and has served to provide a necessary place of conversation and refuge for those who identify as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer communities as well as those students who are exploring how their own theology relates to homosexuality.

You will be receiving letters from many of us in the coming weeks. As SPU alumni and community members, we are frequently given the opportunity to support SPU financially; we feel it is necessary to communicate to you that SPU’s oppression of Haven has and will continue to prevent many of us from making these financial commitments to the university. As long as SPU refuses to offer full club status to Haven, we will refuse to donate our financial resources to SPU.

For many of us, this has not been an easy pledge to uphold. We are saddened by SPU’s treatment of Haven because this is not the SPU we knew when we were students and hoped to support following our graduation from the university. While attending SPU, we were greeted daily by the words of the prophet Micah as we entered campus: “What does the Lord require of you? To do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.” We ask SPU: Has the decision to segregate Haven been one that exemplifies the kind of justice, mercy and humility Micah referred to with these words? We think not.

We, the below mentioned, sign our names as proof that openly LGBTQ students are and were a part of the SPU community. You cannot silence our voices through the devices by which you have tried to silence Haven.

  1. Grant Rehnberg, 2010
  2. Brian Prunty, 2010
  3. Eric Andrew Hoff, 2005
  4. Emily Warr, 2009
  5. Spencer Max Sutherland, 2011
  6. Melissa Roberts, 2008
  7. Taryn Lee, 2007
  8. Megan Robinson, 2009
  9. Rachel Willey, 2010
  10. Randi Pedigo, 2008
  11. Jennifer Gist, 2010
  12. Emily Marsh, 2006
  13. Aaron Roberts, 2011
  14. Ian Klein, 2008
  15. Mike Zetterberg, 2009
  16. Eric Mill, 2007
  17. W.Chase Hills, 2007
  18. Christopher Hanson, 2007
  19. Pierce Wade, 2007
  20. Aaron Hicks (Veteran), 2014
  21. Erin Walrath, 2007
  22. Olivia Pryor, 2009
  23. Kyle Johnson, 2009
  24. Jordan Grace, 2006
  25. Rick Szeto, 2002
  26. Justin Rusk, 2010
  27. Rob Sesser, 2008

We, the below mentioned, sign our names as proud allies to the LGBTQ students who did and continue to make our lives richer as vital members of the SPU community.

  1. Kelsey Ryland, 2008
  2. Mark Dailey, 2007
  3. BrittaLisa Gess, 2008
  4. Nate Berends, 2009
  5. Mallory Maddox, 2008
  6. Jessica Susan Vehorn, 2008
  7. Paige Morgan, 2000
  8. Kelsey Kjosness, 2010
  9. Allison Demmert, 2007
  10. Roy Culver
  11. Michael Shriver, 2007
  12. Alexander Paulsson, 2008
  13. Kathleen Talbot, 2010
  14. Kayla Beckman, 2009
  15. Katherine Steensma, 2010
  16. Marla DeKlotz, 2007
  17. Brian Gregory, 2007
  18. Carissa Lemos, 2009
  19. Alexa Megna, 2009
  20. Emily Sheldon, 2005
  21. Kyle Wharton, 2007
  22. Laura Easley, 2010
  23. Kerri Kline, 2008
  24. Elizabeth Azarow, 2009
  25. Lindsey Beach, 2010
  26. Alex McCauley, 2010
  27. Christina Duckworth
  28. Brent Miles, 2011
  29. Kelsey Hoffman, 2008
  30. Emily McCormick, 2014
  31. Nathaniel Rogers, 2011
  32. Micaella Verro, 2009
  33. Tyler Anders, 2011
  34. Natalie Alfaro, 2010
  35. Cornelius Frantz-Deppe, 2009
  36. Shauna Frantz-Deppe, 2006
  37. Caitlin Wasley, 2009
  38. Zachary Williams, 2008
  39. Tiffany Reimergartin, 2007
  40. Kyle Reimergartin, 2008
  41. Cynthia Swain, parent
  42. Katie Whorall, 2011
  43. Katy Williams Gibson, 2011
  44. Ann Bebb Scranton, 2000
  45. Elizabeth Andes, 2009
  46. Brad Nelson, 2010
  47. Joy Béthune, 2011
  48. Katharine Hall, 2011
  49. Zion Greenlee, 2011
  50. Michelle DeBruyn, 2006
  51. Trevor Scranton, 2000
  52. Giavana Margo, 2011
  53. Christine Widstrom, 2009
  54. Lauren Wilford, 2013
  55. Laura Fitzwater, 2005
  56. Jessica Henson Cagley, 2005
  57. Sarah Barton, 2009
  58. Alissa Walter, 2008
  59. Lauren Craven, 2008
  60. Jessica Miller, 2009
  61. Elizabeth Martinez, 2009
  62. Kathy & Gary Rehnberg  Parents, 2010
  63. Brian Halcomb, 2005
  64. Alicia Temple, 2009
  65. Megan Giske, 2007
  66. Elizabeth Brown, 2005
  67. Jonathan Cook, 2004
  68. Becky Crook, 2002
  69. Rachel Liberto, 2008
  70. Sarah Oloya, Friend of HAVEN
  71. Anna Marie Milgate, 2010
  72. Cynthia Spencer, 1987
  73. Lauren Parke, Friend of HAVEN
  74. Carly Ralston, 2007
  75. Dan Caster, 2005
  76. Amanda & Darick Baker, 2005
  77. Laura Hoff, Friend of HAVEN
  78. Torin Thomas Schaafsma, 2008
  79. Tim Mathis, Friend of HAVEN
  80. Patrick Nygren, 2008
  81. Chris Berzac, Friend of HAVEN
  82. Emjoy Gavino, 2004
  83. Andrea Mullen, 2007
  84. Greg Jones, 2008
  85. Julianne Williams, 200
  86. Carol Shisler, 1989
  87. Alissabeth Newton, 2000
  88. Janelle Rash, 2009
  89. Chelsea Jamison, 2010
  90. Heather Canby, 2012
  91. Klarrisa Frank, 2009
  92. Rani Ban, 2011
  93. Joseph Ban, 2010
  94. Matthew C. McGrath, 2010
  95. Brittany Sweet, 2009
  96. Casey Cagley, 2006
  97. Melissa Parks, 2006
  98. Megan Stearns, 2011
  99. Marshall Brown, 2009
  100. Hilde Holgate, 2010
  101. David Rither, 2005
  102. Ryan Smith, 2006
  103. Jessica Linnenkohl, 2009
  104. Monica Rosso, 2010
  105. Kaylee DiMaggio, 2009
  106. Jamie Spiro, 2006
  107. Rachel Ellis Hammer, 2007
  108. Courtney MacNealy, 2005
  109. Josh Anway, 2009
  110. Allie Fraley, 2008
  111. Rev. Monica McDowell Elvig, 1987
  112. Leslie Jensen, 2007
  113. Alicia Hoffer, 2007
  114. Abigail Stahl, 2008
  115. Alisa Bradford, 2007
  116. Alissa Baier, 2007
  117. Kelly Almon, 2007
  118. Tyler Santoro, 2010
  119. Katie Dimas, 2009
  120. Rachel Kincade, 2010
  121. Nicolle Simon, Friend of HAVEN
  122. Laura Colby, 2007
  123. Tim Bauerle, 2008
  124. Karen France 2005
  125. Maisha Seebeck, 2009
  126. Alicia Stacy, 2010
  127. Alida Madany, 2010
  128. Jane Stroebel Gregg , 1988
  129. Autumn Clark Swihart, 2006
  130. Brendan Clark Swihart, 2006
  131. Holly Beckman, parent 2009
  132. Nicholas Swenson, 2010
  133. Calvin and Linda Hoff, parents of SPU graduate
  134. Lara Musser, 2012
  135. Matthew Rose, 2012
  136. Ryan Closner, 2011
  137. Stacey Donnell, 2008
  138. Kathryn Klug, 2006 and former SPU Professor
  139. Brittney Crandall, 2004
  140. Kate Harris, friend of HAVEN
  141. Sarah Harris Warren, 2006
  142. Katie Joy Blanksma, 2010
  143. Meghan Mullarkey, resident of Seattle and close friend to many SPU graduates
  144. Michael Keene, 1990
  145. Ben Pinneo, 2008
  146. Melody Firman, 2011
  147. Megan Wurster
  148. Rachel Schneider Vlachos, 2006
  149. Nathanael Vlachos, 2005
  150. Hilary Severin, 2012
  151. Hanna Oltean, 2008
  152. Sabrina Chacon
  153. Nathan Knapp, 2011
  154. Ellen TerWisscha, 2007
  155. Jonathan Bartsch, 2007
  156. Megan Bartsch, 2008
  157. Mandy Weiland, 2011
  158. Ben Warren,  2006
  159. Grace Miller, SPU student 2007-2009
  160. Sarah (Fisher) Suitter, 2009
  161. Tyson Conner, 2011
  162. Jennifer Garcia, 2006-2008
  163. Davis Winslow, 2011
  164. Gwen Erickson, 2011
  165. Johanna Portinga, 2009
  166. Heather Sibet, 2009
  167. Jennifer Olson, 2009
  168. Sarah Baggs, 2011
  169. Holly Harris Wood, 2010
  170. Megan Peterson, 2010
  171. Kayla Wilkins, 2012
  172. Kelsey Hudson, 2009
  173. Rachel Woodbrook, 2007
  174. Aisha Dayal, 2011
  175. Jackie Chaney, 2010
  176. Lindsey Killebrew, 2011
  177. Stephanie Wallen, 2008
  178. Corbin Sheffels, 2009
  179. Shane Menold, 2011
  180. Daniel Kessler, 2009
  181. Amanda Stevens, 2012
  182. Kristina Ingles, 2011
  183. Molly Tellers, 2011
  184. Emily Yelencich, 2009
  185. Alyssa Sutherland, 2012
  186. Heidi and Peter Holdorf, parents of SPU graduate
  187. Alex Park, 2010
  188. Aimee Sibet, 2007
  189. Kylie Bauer, 2009
  190. Rebecca Malech, 2012
  191. Shiho Fuyuki, 2009
  192. Ayshea Swan, a supporter of the Haven group and acting President of the GSA from MMCC in Mt. Pleasant, MI
  193. Karin Eklof, 1998
  194. Brandon Couch, 2009
  195. Heidi McElrath, 2012
  196. Megan Leatherman, 2008
  197. Gabe Meyer, 1999
  198. Stephanie Vis, 2013
  199. Allison Morgan, 2012
  200. Amy Selland, 2011
  201. Samuel Henager, 2012
  202. Caitlin Smith, 2007
  203. Hope Estes, 2013
  204. Brooke Beckwith, 2009
  205. Olivia Hamilton, 2011
  206. Christopher Hanson, 2007
  207. Dusty Henry, 2012
  208. Wesley Chase Hills ,2007
  209. Mary Wise, 2011
  210. Kristin McGunnigle, 2009
  211. Lindsay Holladay, 2008
  212. Lacey Brown, 2003
  213. Taylor Burgoyne, 2012, Friend of Haven
  214. Ben Carson, 2009
  215. Meredith Holladay
  216. Jordan Grace
  217. Aimi Wallberg, 2012
  218. Grace Nichols, 2006
  219. Ben Adam Climer, 2009
  220. Ashley Sutherland, 2007, proud sister and friend
  221. Elaine C. Pearce-del Rosario, 2001
  222. Avery Matro, 2010
  223. Jordan Bonney, 2012
  224. James Wilson Williams, 2005
  225. Brianna Hiser, 2003
  226. Joey Gonder, 2007
  227. Kate Jordan, 2008
  228. Laura Marie Davis, 2004
  229. Catherine C. Gipe, 2010
  230. Anthony M. Trujillo
  231. Charity Oremland, 2004 -GROUP and RHMC & M Ed. 2011

232.            Tami J. Askren Supporter LGBT rights
233.          Monica Wandro supporter of equal rights
234.    Leslie Leber,1991 –  ASSP Officer (1989-1991)
235.    Matt Leber, 1991 – RHMC
236.      Hailey Spencer -supporter of equal rights.
237.     Sherri (Aman) Barksdale 1989, Peer Advisor, Moyer Hall President, SPU Singer
238.     Olivia Hamilton, 2011
239.    Kyle Leitch, proud Friend of HAVEN and boyfriend of SPU student
240.    David  M. Van Hofwegen, 2009
241.           Lauren Elizabeth Willey, 2012
242.     Melissa Knudson, 2007 B.A., 2011 M.Ed.
243.    Kristin McCarthy, 2010 B.A.
244.    Alyssa Newton, 2010
245.    Carter Swanon, 2010
246.    Andrew Hays, 2010
247.    Scott Merilatt, 2010
248.    Nicholas Jacobson, 2007
249.           Jarrett Mylander, 2008
250.           Angela Little, 2005
251.    Katie Litzenberg, 2010
252.           Julie Hubbard, 2012
253.           Bertram Johnson, Friend of Haven
254.          Bradford Schroeder, Friend of Haven, Proud boyfriend of SPU Alumn
255.    Elisabeth Schaffer, 2008
256.          Sarah Herrman, 2009
257.          Brittney Beamer, 2010
258.          Rick Dickinson, 1992
259.          Kimberlee Cleveland, 1992
260.          Michael Crowley, 1992
261.          Benjamin Kaspar, 2009
262.          Keith Montgomery, 1981
263.          Lindsey (Willis) Hays, 2007
264.          Anthony Dulay, 2002

The final letter has been sent! We highly encourage you all to write a letter to administration, though, in addition to (or if you couldn’t sign) this letter.Thanks for your support!

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A Powerful Message Sent!

This morning, we sent the signed letter to the administration…with over 270+ signatures!  The SPU community respects and values SPU Haven.  We will not sit on the sidelines while LGBTQ students are consistently silenced by the leaders of our school.

We have not heard back from Dr. Eaton, Dr. Steele, or Dr. Jordan.  We will keep you posted via this blog and the email list when we hear back.  We hope that they will choose to respond instead of hiding behind closed doors.

Not on the email list?  Email

Didn’t get a chance to sign the letter?  We encourage you to send them an email or physical letter of your own.  Email us a copy if you’d like it posted on the blog!

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Alumni Letter

We’ve already got over 190 alumni signatures!

Please sign the Google Document that we sent to your email.  We will send the letter tomorrow!!!  If you feel uncomfortable signing identifying as LGBTQ on this public document, email us and we’ll add your info before sending it.

Questions?  Email

If you have not sent us your email, send us your name and address with the subject: Email List.

Continue to spread the word about this group.  The letter writing campaign is the first step of many!

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We need your email ASAP!

Please send in your email to as soon as you can! On Sunday (2-13), we will send out an email with clear instructions on a letter writing campaign happening next week. Right now, help spread the news about this blog and the email list to all your friends!
Thank you for your interest, your voice, your involvement, and your heart. We can do this together!

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