Attention All Alumni!

Update: Current Haven leaders have been invited by the administration to the “Sexuality Advisory Board” meeting this Thursday.  SPU Haven is on the agenda!  We’ll keep you posted on that meeting.

Meanwhile:  The organizers of this blog met last night to discuss moving forward.  We reflected on the responses to staff from Dr. Eaton and Dr. Steele (see the posts below).  We drafted a letter requesting an alumni forum.  Here’s the email that went out to our email list:

Dear Concerned Alumni,

We have been made aware of the responses distributed via listserv to current SPU faculty and staff regarding the club status of Haven and SPU’s Statement on Human Sexuality. After a thorough review of the responses offered by President Eaton, Vice President Steele, and Associate Vice President Jordan we have requested an open forum to allow alumni to communicate directly with the three of them and address questions raised in the past weeks.

In the spirit of reconciliation, we would like to engage as a community by creating a space for discussion and direct dialogue regarding these issues. The treatment of Haven has a direct effect on our decisions to make financial donations to SPU and to recommend SPU to prospective students. We hope they will agree to hold an open forum to clarify their perspectives on Haven and SPU’s Statement on Human Sexuality and to allow alumni to voice our opinions directly to them.

As concerned alumni, we have respectfully requested the following from SPU:

  • An open forum including the attendance of President Eaton, Vice President Steele, and Associate Vice President Jordan to be held before the end of March 2011.
  • A space provided by SPU with the capacity to hold at least 200 persons for the proposed purpose.
  • Written notice of the proposed forum provided at least one week in advance.

If you have not already done so, we would strongly encourage you to make the cost of your support clear to SPU by sending them a letter or email outlining the support (financial and otherwise) you would like to make toward SPU and the reasons why you will not be supporting the University in that way. If you have the ability to make a financial donation to SPU, we encourage you to estimate the yearly amount of this donation and include it in your letter to show them what is being lost each year they do not award club status to Haven. If there are prospective students in your life that you would encourage to attend SPU, we ask you to reevaluate your endorsement of the University in light of the recent treatment of Haven and to make this consequence known to those subjugating Haven.

As members of SPU’s alumni community, we look forward to discovering ways in which we can remain involved with the University in a way that honors our convictions regarding Haven and the importance it holds for the SPU community. We look forward to the positive reply of the aforementioned members of SPU administration and will keep you updated with any formal response we receive from them. Please continue to copy our email address  ( when sending any letters to SPU administration if you like them to be published on the Haven Alumni Support Blog. We are proud to represent the 200+ members of SPU alumni making their voices heard regarding Haven and welcome your comments and suggestions at any time throughout this process.

Show your support for Haven by attending the Haven meeting on campus in Weter Hall at 8 PM this Sunday, February 27th and join the Facebook group by searching for “SPU Haven.”  Get yourself and your friends on our email list!  Help spread the word.  Thank you!


Kayla Beckman

BrittaLisa Gess

Jennifer Gist

Grant Rehnberg

Kelsey Ryland

Abigail Stahl

Jessica Vehorn

Emily Warr

Rachel Willey


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