About this blog

A group of Seattle Pacific alumni started this group to stand up for Haven, a group that the administration has chosen to marginalize, ignore, and attempt to dismantle for the past four years.  In February, 2011, the administration made its decision clear, “Haven does not exist.”

We, as past students and community members, believe that Haven NEEDS to exist!  We believe that SPU is ready for respectful, uplifting, open dialogue about issues relating to all forms of human sexuality.

We need to build a solid foundation of support for the brave Haven members and leaders standing up to an administration that wants them to disappear!  It’s time for SPU to live up to its motto.  Help us, “Engage the culture and change the world!”

Stay connected:

  • Send your email address to alumni.haven@gmail.com.  We will send out updates on advocacy campaigns and events.

Help spread the word:

  • Post this blog to your facebook and twitter.  Email your friends.  Invite them to join the movement!