A Powerful Message Sent!

This morning, we sent the signed letter to the administration…with over 270+ signatures!  The SPU community respects and values SPU Haven.  We will not sit on the sidelines while LGBTQ students are consistently silenced by the leaders of our school.

We have not heard back from Dr. Eaton, Dr. Steele, or Dr. Jordan.  We will keep you posted via this blog and the email list when we hear back.  We hope that they will choose to respond instead of hiding behind closed doors.

Not on the email list?  Email alumni.haven@gmail.com.

Didn’t get a chance to sign the letter?  We encourage you to send them an email or physical letter of your own.  Email us a copy if you’d like it posted on the blog!


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Alumni Letter

We’ve already got over 190 alumni signatures!

Please sign the Google Document that we sent to your email.  We will send the letter tomorrow!!!  If you feel uncomfortable signing identifying as LGBTQ on this public document, email us and we’ll add your info before sending it.

Questions?  Email alumni.haven@gmail.com.

If you have not sent us your email, send us your name and address with the subject: Email List.

Continue to spread the word about this group.  The letter writing campaign is the first step of many!

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We need your email ASAP!

Please send in your email to alumni.haven@gmail.com as soon as you can! On Sunday (2-13), we will send out an email with clear instructions on a letter writing campaign happening next week. Right now, help spread the news about this blog and the email list to all your friends!
Thank you for your interest, your voice, your involvement, and your heart. We can do this together!

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What’s going on?

Seattle Pacific University’s administration has told Haven they no longer exist.  They cannot reserve a classroom for meetings.  They cannot advertise for events.  The restrictions are tightening.  Read more information here:

Falcon Article

Slog Article

Seattle PI Article

The administration wants Haven to disappear.  If anything will change, we need to be a part of the solution.  Utilize the info on this blog to send a clear message to our school that WE support Haven.


Your first step?  Send your email to alumni.haven@gmail.com

Do it right now!  Forward the email to your friends!

We are building up an email list of alumni and community members for future advocacy campaigns (letter writing, protests, etc.).

We will keep your information private and will remove you from the email list at your request.

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Blog Description

This blog exists to:

  1. Update SPU alumni and community members on Haven news.
  2. Connect past students with current students, who daily fight for Haven’s right to exist.
  3. Send a clear message to the administration that the SPU community supports this club!

* If you are not currently a member of the SPU Haven facebook group, click here!  Invite your friends to join too!


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